Why Immigration to the United States is Getting Harder

Since the early times, the United States seemed to be the promise land for many foreigners that want to live in a greener pasture or would simply want to live the American dream. Even then, the United States is at the top of the list for having the most open immigration policy in the whole world. Though there are many positive effects that can be reaped from having immigrants in the country, there are also a number of issues that needs to be addressed with the current wave of immigrants in the United States over the years. Because of this, with the passing years, it has been getting harder and sterner to immigrate in the United States and this due to several reasons which are all quite understandable and practical in many lights. Immigration lawyer Atlanta

  • Protecting the local job market for the native residents

Many people from different countries have dreamt of immigrating to the United States for the chance of finding better jobs and improving the quality of life they or their family have which may be lacking in their homelands. This is a good and honest intention but because of the recent influx of immigrants as well as the current turn of the US economy, many people are already losing their jobs and in order to protect the local job market for the native residents, one solution the government can resort to is to make immigration harder. This way they can preserve the available jobs in the market and to reduce the job competition for the local citizens. One of the primary goals of the government is to prioritize giving jobs to unemployed local citizens and fresh graduates as well as those living in the country before distributing jobs to those who wish to work and settle in the United States.

  • Stable and stronger security in the local and national level

Because of a number of terrorist attacks as well as local and national threats in the United States, it is very understandable for the US government to make measures in zeroing out or at the least preventing these attacks and threats. Having a harder immigration system and process can help contribute to this goal. It is not that the government does not trust the people wanting to settle in the United States, but they are trying to make preventive measures as well as strengthen the security in both local and national levels to avoid any of the threats and attacks from happening again as well as endangering the lives of the citizens and the economy of the country. A harder and more thorough immigration process would mean increased chances of filtering the people who will be going in and settling in the United States. It is but logical that the United States government would give high priority for the security and safety of the people who are already living in the country as the people are the core of any country.

  • Better Population Control

Population plays a major role in the success or downfall of an economy and its country. Increased population has always been the root of poverty, unemployment and other difficulties in many countries. This is what the United States wants to manage and control so that the current economic situation will not be dipped further down the drain. However, with the recent influx of immigrant applications and immigrants in the country, the United States population will be filled to the brim. This is another case which the US government will be able to prevent or solve with a harder immigration process. They will be able to balance out the population of those who are staying in the country and those who are going out.

  • Decreased Reliance on Public Assistance

There has been a claim that the recent people who immigrate to the United States have a growing education gap with the Native American citizens. Because of this, many immigrants engage in jobs with low income. These people will most likely be relying on the government’s public assistance. It is the local government and the state which pays for most of the welfare benefits given to immigrants who depend on public assistance. It can be said then that the local citizens in states which have higher numbers of immigrants shell out more tax fees to support indigent immigrants.

  • Save on Health Care Cost

People who settle in the United States do not yet have the full benefits like those of the local citizens’. One of these benefits is the health insurance. Many immigrants, specifically a third of their population or 34 percent are still lacking in health insurance, this is according to the 2007 United States Census. This scenario would mean that local citizens would need to pay for higher insurance and health care fees to provide for the cost of the health care given to uninsured immigrants. Again, looking to protect the interest of the people, having a strict immigration could prevent this as well as lighten the burden that local American citizens will be carrying on their shoulders.

Managing many states as well as a great population is not an easy feat to perform. Many ways are being developed and implemented to aid in this endeavor as well as for the betterment of the country. One of these would be a more thorough and immigration system and process for those who want to settle in the United States for good. Others may look at this to be quite a selfish move but it is just normal for a government to protect the interest of its peoples and the country in general. This is a measure that is not solely found in the United States law but also in other countries which may be in the same boat as the United States. Looking at the positive light, having a harder immigration process would mean that the government do care about its citizen having quality living and with the patience, right intentions and skills that can contribute to the country’s improvement, you should be able to get in.