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Why Immigration to the United States is Getting Harder

Since the early times, the United States seemed to be the promise land for many foreigners that want to live in a greener pasture or would simply want to live the American dream. Even then, the United States is at the top of the list for having the most open immigration policy in the whole world. Though there are many positive effects that can be reaped from having immigrants in the country, there are also a number of issues that needs to be addressed with the current wave of immigrants in the United States over the years. Because of this, with the passing years, it has been getting harder and sterner to immigrate in the United States and this due to several reasons which are all quite understandable and practical in many lights. Immigration lawyer Atlanta

  • Protecting the local job market for the native residents

Many people from different countries have dreamt of immigrating to the United States for the chance of finding better jobs and improving the quality of life they or their family have which may be lacking in their homelands. This is a good and honest intention but because of the recent influx of immigrants as well as the current turn of the US economy, many people are already losing their jobs and in order to protect the local job market for the native residents, one solution the government can resort to is to make immigration harder. This way they can preserve the available jobs in the market and to reduce the job competition for the local citizens. One of the primary goals of the government is to prioritize giving jobs to unemployed local citizens and fresh graduates as well as those living in the country before distributing jobs to those who wish to work and settle in the United States. read more