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Immigration and US Law

Under US immigration laws, an alien can immigrate to the United States based on his or her relationship to a US citizen or green card holder. An alien can apply for a family immigration visa. There are two types of family visas – limited and unlimited. Limited family visas are those family visas which have an annual cap on the number of such visas issued each year. Unlimited family visas have no such annual numerical cap. Aliens who have a US citizen or a green card holder relative should consult with an experienced US immigration lawyer. They may be eligible for a family visa.

The US citizen or green card holder relative of the eligible alien must file a petition with the USCIS on behalf of the alien. An Atlanta immigration attorney can  assist in the preparation  of the petition. It is important that the sponsor files the petition on the right form and submits it along with the required documents and evidence. A petition that is not correctly filled or not supported by the necessary documents and evidence will be rejected by the USCIS. You can prevent your petition from being dismissed on such technical grounds by hiring the services of an experienced US immigration attorney for assistance in the preparation and filing of your immigrant visa petition. read more