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How a Car Accident or Personal Injury Can Lead to an Immigration Deportation

An immigration deportation can arise from several causes and there are a number of grounds that one can be deported. Some of these grounds include, but is not limited to violation of the non-immigrant status during his or her stay in the place, public charges, faulty or fraudulent documents, illegal voting as well as committing a crime. Aside from those mentioned, another reason for immigration deportation is by getting involved in a car accident or a personal injury case. car accident case How can a personal injury case or a car accident lead to immigration deportation? Basically, a personal injury case or a car accident situation can lead to immigration deportation if the cases fall under the crimes of moral turpitude, which is one of the main grounds for deportation. Moral turpitude is a legal term utilized in the United States, which refers to a conduct, which is deemed conflicting to the community standards of honesty, good morals, or justice. Under the United States Immigration Law, a person convicted of a certain crime, which involves moral turpitude, will become inadmissible to the United States. A  Car accident which involves a serious DUI and some personal injury cases involve moral turpitude and thus can lead to immigration deportation. Such cases may include, but are not limited to assault, battery, and auto accidents. These crimes and others are enough grounds for alien and lawful permanent residents or green card holders to be deported. Aside from that, the United States Immigration states that: read more