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Deportation or Removal

Atlanta deportation lawyer

Attorney Zeb Ogueri

If you are an alien or a permanent resident and you break th eUS immigration laws or if certain criminal charges such as rape or murder or drug related charges are brought against you then you can face deportation or removal proceedings. Even naturalized US citizens can be subject to deportation or removal proceedings. If you are facing a deportation or removal proceeding, consult with an experienced deportation attorney. Do not take a deportation or removal proceeding lightly.

The deportation or removal proceedings against you will be initiated by the Department of Homeland Security. You will detained while awaiting your hearing. You have the right to seek a cancellation of removal hearing while you are detained. In a cancellation of removal hearing you must explain the reasons why you should not be deported or removed from theUnited   States. The procedure for seeking cancellation of removal is complex. You should seek the assistance of an experienced Atlanta deportation lawyer.

The first thing you should do when you are facing a removal or deportation proceeding is to contact an experienced Atlanta deportation lawyer. The attorney can review your cases and advise you on your options. A cancellation of removal hearing is not possible in all cases. You will not be eligible to apply for a cancellation of removal hearing if you: read more