Tips to Get an immigration immigration green card By way of Marriage

To get an immigration green card, you must take a long time process due to the fact that there are many steps that must be followed even if you had been married. Get to know a number of facts about the immigration green card procedure will ease your way and receive the best result.

With a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 passport coming into United States will take a longer process, while using an attorney is quite expensive. It’s better to communicate with the attorney before coming into the USA.

The fastest way to be a permanent United States resident is to get married and fill the civil paperwork there. The nonnative people need to stay in the country and complete all the documents to get their goal.

Requirements for Applying Green Card

Several process should be obeyed to get immigration green card through a marriage. The applicant have to submit the forms of a marriage certificate and divorce document if any, an official vise request from immigration and interview with the U.S citizen partner. All of information must be certifiable and made in English. Moreover, the application for adjustment of status must be filed, the form for a work permit, and the document for advance parole travel if the partner is admissible to the USA. You have to pay over one-thousand dollars for the registering fees. After that is to submit an authorized document from the foreign-born spouse.

After the required paper is filed, one will be invited for fingerprinting. The partner need to wait a couple of months to make an interview. Please do not tell lies in this procedure. Reply all the questions truthfully and don’t make up any unreliable stories. If the petitioner doesn’t know the answer it is okay to say it. At the interview, dress adequately and be polite to the interviewer.


The interviewer will be looking for differences in race, faith, or age as factors that may signal a deceitful purpose. Get ready for a deep interview in case there are huge difference answers. If the woman is much older compared to the husband, this is particularly identifiable as a problem. This concern will annoy the interviewees, on the other hand the interviewer has right to find out something more specific.

The interviewer will schedule the next interview personally when the answers didn’t match really well. So, in case the answers do not match, the petitioner may be subject to criminal consequence and pushed to admit to deceptive motive.

Focusing on the rules, telling the truth, and hiring a lawyer are the best ways to approach obtaining an immigration immigration green card from marriage.