Learn how to Receive an immigration immigration green card By way of Marriage

To get an immigration green card, you must take several years process since there are many procedures that need to be obeyed even if you had been married. You need to find a number of information to learn all the specifications needed to get the green card.

With a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 visa moving into United States will make a longer procedure, while choosing an attorney is quite expensive. If a legal professional is to be consulted, it is recommended to do so before moving with these kinds of visas.

The right method to be given as a fully permanent citizen of USA is to get marriage and complete all the legal documents there. People who wants to be the permanent citizen have to finish all the agreements and live in the United States until they get the status.

Requirements for Applying Green Card

There are several forms that have to be filed so that you can acquire an immigration immigration green card through marriage. The person need to submit the forms of a marriage certificate and divorce paper if any, an official vise request from immigration and real data about the U.S citizen partner. All of the information presented should be legitimate, approved and made in English language. Afterward, agreement concerning work permits, trip parole must be accomplished first before the couple obtained U.S citizenship. You need to pay around one-thousand dollars for the processing costs. Next is to submit an formal letter from the foreign-born loved one.

As soon as the primary paper is submitted, one will be called in for fingerprinting. A couple of weeks will probably go by until an interview is scheduled for the husband and wife. Please do not tell lies in this stage. Calm down and answer all the questions based on everything you know about your loved one. If the applicant doesn’t know the answer it is alright to tell it. You should dress appropriately for the procedure and be polite to the interviewer.

The Evaluation Process

Differences in race, faith, or age will be asked by the interviewer to figure out in case the couples have a fraudulent objective. Get ready for a deep interview in case there are huge difference responses. If the woman is much older than the man, this is especially identifiable as a concern. The spouses will feel inconvenient but it is also vital for the procedure.

In case a problem is suspected throughout the first interview, another interview will be held personally. So, in case the answers do not match, the applicant may be subject to criminal charge and forced to admit to fake purpose.

Remain focussed on the whole process, give the truthful statement and hire a good lawyer are the most things you can do to get the green card.

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