Learn how to Get an immigration immigration green card Via Marriage

To get an immigration green card, you must take years process due to the fact that there are many procedures that need to be followed even if you had been married. You need to obtain several data to understand all the conditions required to obtain the green card.

When you get into the United States on a K-1 fiancé visa or a K-3 passport, the process can take a long period and, in case you decide to go with the aid of a law firm, may lead to duplicating expenses and documents. If a legal professional is to be employed, it is suggested to do so before coming with these kinds of visas.

The easiest method to be a permanent United States resident is to get married and complete the civil papers there. The nonnative people need to stay in the country and fill all the agreements to get their goal.

Specifications for Applying Green Card

There are a number of paperworks that have to be filed if you want to get an immigration immigration green card with marriage. These contain the immigration visa petition, proof of US citizenship from one spouse, a marriage document, and proof of termination of any old marriages. All of these papers must be properly approved and translated into English. Next, agreement relating work permits, trip parole need to be completed first before the couple obtained United States citizenship. For the procedure costs, you have to prepare cash over one-thousand bucks. There must be an affidavit of support filed on behalf of the foreign-born husband or wife.

Once all of the above steps completed, then the person have to do a fingerprint. It needs a couple of months until the couples being requested for an interview. Telling the truth is vital in this interview. Response all the questions honestly and don’t make up any fake stories. It would better to truthfully say if one doesn’t know the answer. Dress well when inviting to the interview and talk politely to the interviewer.

The Review Process

Issues in race, religion, or age will be asked by the interviewer to figure out if the spouses have a dishonest goal. If there is a legitimate dissimilarities, be ready to give an explanation about it at the interview. The interviewer will take a deep consideration if the woman is more mature than the man. It is indeed annoying, however it is legal for the interviewer to look into this detail.

There will be 2nd interview privately if the interviewer feels something unusual with the couples. If the answers still not linked, the petitioner will be charged with criminal charges and will be required to admit their deceptive actions.

Keep to the whole procedure, give the real explanation and hire a credible legal representative are the most things you can do to receive the green card.

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