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Tips on how to Obtain an immigration immigration green card With Marriage

Obtaining an immigration immigration green card through marriage is a multi-step process that generally takes years to complete and requires many documents to be submitted. Get to know several guidance about the immigration green card procedure will ease your way and obtain the best conclusion.

Using a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 passport going into United States will cause a much longer process, while hiring a lawyer is very costly. If a legal professional is to be employed, it is suggested to do so before entering with these types of visas.

The simplest method to be a permanent USA resident is to get married and fill the civil forms there. The foreign citizen husband or wife must submit all of their paperwork and not leave the place until there is a change of status.

Procedure for Receiving a Green Card

Several steps should be obeyed to get immigration green card through a marriage. The procedures are visa petition from immigration, truth telling from the spouse who is real US resident, a marriage credential and moreover a document in case there was a divorce. All of these papers have to be properly approved and translated into English. Next, agreement concerning work permits, trip parole must be done first before the couple gained U.S citizenship. You have to spend around one-thousand dollars for the registering prices. Next is to submit an official letter from the foreign-born partner. read more