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Performing Marriage To acquire Green Card

Obtaining an immigration immigration green card through wedding is a multi-step process that sometimes takes months or even years to achieve and requires many forms to be submitted. Learn some guidance about the immigration green card process will ease your way and obtain the best way.

When you enter the United States on a K-1 fiancé visa or a K-3 visa, the process can take several years and, if you decide to begin with a lawyer, may cause duplicating costs and applications. Lawyer is a smart way to solve this issue, so it will much better for you to get an immigration immigration green card instead of entering the United States with these kind of visas.

The quickest way to permanent residence and citizenship is attained in case the wedding occurs in the USA, and all of the forms is filed in this state, as well. The nonnative people have to stay in the country and fill all the agreements to obtain their objective.

Process of Acquiring a Green Card

With a marriage, there are various things that need to be completed to acquire the green card. These include the immigration visa petition, data of US citizenship from husband or wife, a marriage certificate, and proof of termination of any earlier marriages. Each of the info given should be real, certified and translated in English language. Additionally, the application for adjustment of status need to be filed, the form for a work licence, and the document for advance parole travel if the loved one is admissible to the USA. For the procedure prices, you have to prepare money at least one-thousand dollars. After that is to submit an formal letter from the foreign-born loved one. read more