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Having Immigration green card By way of Marriage

If you want an immigration green card, you should take several years process since there are many procedures that must be obeyed even if you had been married. Being familiar with some of the important procedures and some of the trade-offs can help to choose which is the ideal way to take to achieve this purpose.

With a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 visa coming into United States will cause a longer process, while hiring an attorney is pricey. I suggest you should communicate with the legal professional before stepping into the United States.

The best way to be a permanent U.S resident is to get married and complete the civil forms there. The nonnative people need to remain in the country and fill all the paperworks to obtain the green card.

Procedure for Obtaining a Green Card

There are a number of documents that must be filed so that you can receive an immigration immigration green card with marriage. The procedures are visa petition from immigration, proof from the spouse who is real US citizen, a marriage credential and moreover a certificate in case there was a divorce. All of files must be certifiable and made in English. If all had been submitted, for the work permit and travel parole need to be submitted too before the foreign born couple will be accepted as a permanent citizen in the U.S. You need to pay over one-thousand dollars for the processing costs. After that is to submit an formal document from the foreign-born loved one. read more