How a Car Accident or Personal Injury Can Lead to an Immigration Deportation

An immigration deportation can arise from several causes and there are a number of grounds that one can be deported. Some of these grounds include, but is not limited to violation of the non-immigrant status during his or her stay in the place, public charges, faulty or fraudulent documents, illegal voting as well as committing a crime. Aside from those mentioned, another reason for immigration deportation is by getting involved in a car accident or a personal injury case. car accident case How can a personal injury case or a car accident lead to immigration deportation? Basically, a personal injury case or a car accident situation can lead to immigration deportation if the cases fall under the crimes of moral turpitude, which is one of the main grounds for deportation. Moral turpitude is a legal term utilized in the United States, which refers to a conduct, which is deemed conflicting to the community standards of honesty, good morals, or justice. Under the United States Immigration Law, a person convicted of a certain crime, which involves moral turpitude, will become inadmissible to the United States. A  Car accident which involves a serious DUI and some personal injury cases involve moral turpitude and thus can lead to immigration deportation. Such cases may include, but are not limited to assault, battery, and auto accidents. These crimes and others are enough grounds for alien and lawful permanent residents or green card holders to be deported. Aside from that, the United States Immigration states that:

  • A lawful permanent resident or an alien may be deported if he or she is convicted of a moral turpitude crime within at least five years of admission and that the crime convicted may enforce a sentence of a year or more.
  • A lawful permanent resident or an alien may be deported if he or she, after admission, is involved or is convicted of two moral turpitude crimes, which did not rise up from one arrangement of criminal conduct.

In addition, a person who commits domestic abuse or violence, which is also considered as a personal injury case, may also be deported as this not only involve moral turpitude, but it is also considered to be an aggravated felony – enough ground for deportation. Another example of how a personal injury and car accident case may lead to deportation is if he or she left the scene of a personal injury accident such as car accidents. This is seen as a misdemeanor and a crime of moral turpitude. In immigration deportation, it is important to remember that all cases, no matter how small, should be treated with seriousness since even small cases of personal injuries may be the reason for your removal. It is also wise to keep in mind the crimes of moral turpitude so as not to commit them. Whether you are an alien or a lawful permanent resident, you may still be deported once convicted. In addition, you may also be deported for an old criminal conviction that you have committed which may have just been recently discovered or opened. A personal injury lawyer, car accident attorney or immigration lawyer can help you with your case.