Doing Marriage To receive Green Card

In order to obtain an immigration green card, you have to take several years process since there are many things that should be implemented although you had been married. You need to look for some data to understand all the conditions required so you can get the green card.

After you come to USA with a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 visa then it will take a couple of years waiting or you may use a legal representative but it will cause you invest a lot more money. If a lawyer is to be used, it is advised to do so before moving with these kinds of visas.

The fastest path to be a permanent U.S citizen is to get married and complete the civil documents there. The nonnative people need to remain in the country and fill all the paperworks to acquire the green card.

The Requirement to Acquire Green Card

There are a number of paperworks that have to be filed in order to obtain an immigration immigration green card through marriage. These include the immigration visa petition, proof of US citizenship from husband or wife, a marriage certificate, and proof of termination of any former marriages. Each of the data presented should be legitimate, authorized and translated in English language. Next, agreement about work permits, trip parole should be done first before the couple obtained U.S citizenship. For the processing fees, you need to prepare cash above one-thousand bucks. Legal document from nonnative loved one is really need to be filed.

After all of the information have been provided, the applicant need to come for fingerprinting. The partner must wait for some weeks to make an interview. At the interview, it is important to be truthful. No detail has to be volunteered. Just answer the questions as they are put forth. Don’t ever guess at a reply. The applicant can go to the following question if doesn’t know the answer. Dress well when going to the interview and speak politely to the interviewer.

The Examination Process

Issues in race, faith, or age will be utilized by the interviewer to find out in case the couples have a deceitful motive. Get ready for a tough interview if there are great difference backgrounds. If the woman is much older compared to the husband, this is particularly identifiable as a problem. It perhaps annoying, however it is legal for the interviewer to give attention to this point.

There will be following interview separately if the interviewer feels something unusual with the couples. If the answers still not related, the petitioner will be punished with criminal penalties and will be required to acknowledge their fraudulent actions.

Get a trusted lawyer and never lie in going through the activity are the best steps to attain your objective to receive the green card.