Doing Marriage To have Green Card

It takes somehow tough procedures to receive an immigration immigration green card even by getting married to get it. Learn some knowledge about the immigration green card process will help your way and receive the best conclusion.

In case you come to USA with a K-1 fiancé visa or a K-3 passport then it normally requires several years waiting or you may use a legal professional but it will cause you spend a lot more cash. Attorney is a great way to consult about this issue, so it will much better for you to get an immigration immigration green card instead of entering the Usa with these types of visas.

The quickest way to be granted as a fully permanent citizen of USA is to get marriage and fill all the paperworks there. The nonnative people need to reside in the country and fill all the agreements to get their objective.

Requirements to Get a Green Card

There are many documents that have to be filed in order to acquire an immigration immigration green card through marriage. The applicant need to submit the documents of a marriage certificate and divorce paper if any, an official vise request from immigration and proof of the native partner. All of the info provided have to be real, certified and translated in English language. In addition, the forms for adjustment of status must be filed, the document for a work licence, and the form for advance parole travel if the spouse is admissible to the United States. You need to pay over one-thousand dollars for the processing prices. There must be an affidavit of support submitted on behalf of the foreign-born partner.

Once the initial application is filed, one will be scheduled for fingerprint process. A couple of months will likely go by until an interview is organized for the couples. Do not tell lies in this process. Response all the questions honestly and you should not make up any unreliable statements. If the petitioner doesn’t know the answer it is okay to admit it. Always dress adequately for the process and be polite to the interviewer.


The interviewer sees issues in race, religion, or age as the aspects for the spouses telling the truth or not. The couples must be prepared in case the interview shows insufficient correlation. If the woman is much older than the man, this is particularly identifiable as a concern. This issue will irritate the interviewees, but the interviewer has right to find out something more private.

If a problem is suspected while in the first interview, the next interview will be scheduled personally. In this case, in case the answers do not match, the applicant may be subject to criminal consequence and forced to admit to fraudulent motive.

Focusing on the rules, never tell any lies, and getting a lawyer are the best solutions to approach acquiring an immigration immigration green card with marriage.

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