Doing Marriage To Get Green Card

It takes somehow difficult procedures to obtain an immigration immigration green card even by getting married to gain it. You should acquire some knowledge to learn all the requirements needed to acquire the green card.

When you come into the United States on a K-1 fiancé passport or a K-3 passport, the procedure will definitely take a long period and, if you choose to start with the aid of a lawyer, may result in duplicating fees and papers. Lawyer is a a good choice to consult about this situation, so it will be easier for you to get an immigration immigration green card compared to entering into the states with these types of visas.

The straight way to be granted as a fully permanent resident of USA is to get marriage and complete all the agreement there. The nonnative spouse need to submit all of their paperwork and not leave the state until there is an adjustment of status.

Process of Acquiring a Green Card

There are several forms that need to be filed if you want to attain an immigration immigration green card with marriage. The applicant must submit the forms of a marriage certificate and divorce certificate if any, a proper vise request from immigration and real data about the native partner. All of data must be certifiable and written in English. Afterward, agreement concerning work permits, travel parole have to be accomplished first before the couple got USA citizenship. Filing expenses run at present over one-thousand dollars. Legal document from nonnative spouse is clearly have to be submitted.

Soon after all of the main steps ready, then the applicant should do a fingerprint. The couple should wait a couple of months to make an interview. At the interview, it is vital to be honest. Calm down and answer all the questions based on everything you know regarding your spouse. I suggest you to truthfully admit that one doesn’t know the answer. Dress nicely when going to the interview and speak nicely to the interviewer.

The Interviewing Process

The interviewer will be searching for differences in race, faith, or age as points that may indicate a deceitful petition. If there is a legitimate dissimilarities, be ready to give an explanation about it at the interview. The interviewer will take a deep consideration if the wife is more mature than the man. The couples will feel inconvenient but it is something vital for the process.

There will be next interview one-by-one if the interviewer feels something strange with the partners. So, if the answers do not match, the applicant may be subject to criminal charge and pushed to admit to fake motive.

Use a reliable legal representative and do not tell any lies statements in the process of the activity are the most effective ways to achieve your goal to have the green card.